Thursday, December 10, 2009

So it gets even more intense...

Yesterday, I saw the EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson speak about the new endangerment finding regarding GHG. This landmark decision now allows the EPA to regulate GHG pollution, "the endangerment finding is the key to the Clean Air Act, a key that fits the lock." In her speech she referenced the many initiatives that the federal government is starting to transition us toward a clean energy future. She stressed many times that we need legislation to make clean energy the profitable energy. I realluy enjoyed listening to Lisa Jackson speak, I have seen her speak at Powershift in DC a few months ago, and I am always really impressed by her. I also went to a business panel about private finance and climate change. The panel was pretty informative and very dry.

The craziness started to happen yesterday after the "Danish Text" which actually did not have a large impact on the conference but activism did. There was a huge demonstration outside the main plenary hall in support of Tuvalu, who will be submerged if climate change is not mitigated. Watch the protest. Also, the US youth crashed a climate denier live webcast, watch it here But, a large concern I have is being shut out of the plenary sessions, there is talk that NGOs (me) will not be allowed in the plenary halls or even into some of the bella centere next week due to demonstrations. There are also heightened concerns over police brutality and extreme activists this next week, police raided some activists' quarters two nights ago and confiscated many of their demonstration materials, full article here. This makes me concerned as an activist both for my rights in the Bella Centere as well as during the peaceful protests scheduled for this weekend and next week. It almost discourages me because police will be out in full force and are already concerned about the peaceful protests, read more here

On a more positive note, I Skyped into Nicky Phear's climate change class, which was really fun. Thank you all for allowing me to speak about COP15 and my experience here in Copenhagen. I will be speaking in Vicki Watson's class today at 12:40 pm (MT time) in 204 Rankin Hall. Also if you missed my radio interview yesterday you can listen to it here
Hopefully, today will be better, it is Youth and Future Generations Day here at the Bella and all of the youth received bright orange "How Old Will You Be in 2050?" shirts to be worn and some small actions are scheduled for inside and outside the Bella.

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  1. Great post, Yaicha! Again, it was great to have you in class. I just listened to the Montana Public Radio interview. You followed a story about a proposal to develop 600 million new tons of coal in Montana.

    There was a typo in the link above to the Montana Public Radio interview. Have a look and you will see. For others, you come on just before the 9 minute mark: