Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting for hours....

So I'm starting to get really annoyed.. Today I had to wait out in the cold for an hour and half before I could get near the Bella to get into security.. this was at 830 am this morning. I guess I should be considered one of the lucky ones because now they are not letting anyone else into the Bella and hundreds are waiting at a chance to get in on the last day before the two badge system goes into place. Another annoying thing is I wanted to catch a plenary before I got shut out for the week, and they pushed the plenary back and I waited over 2 hours for it to start. Then right before it was going to start all the NGOs got kicked out. I am especially annoyed because I decided to go to the plenary instead of a few other side events that I wanted to attend. So I'm somewhat glad I am getting kicked out because if this is how the IPCCC decides to run things the whole week, I would just get very frustrated. Now I have no idea what I am going to do, there may or may not be a side event I want to attend, so off to look at the daily programme. But at the same time I understand about all the confusion, I just wish there was more opportunities for transparency in this whole process, and I'm glad that so many people are taking an interest in what happens.

I also apologize for my blogs being all over the place on dates and whats happening when...

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  1. Let go of your "annoyance"; there will always be that when you are on the forefront of change. When you feel annoyed, remember it's not all about you; control what you can and just see what else is around you. Bless you for being there!