Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I just got out of a meeting with the EPA director Lisa Jackson (who I adore!) and it was pure madness getting into and out of the room. I feel like the vibe here is more urgent than ever and everyone is extra antsy due to the "Danish text" leak. Read about it here. Also there are more "suits" (as in people who seem important i.e. party members and delegates) here today, it is just a sea of black. I have a full day ahead still full of meetings, Skype interviews and radio interviews. I will update and inform all my readers as soon as I can. Also don't forget to listen to MT NPR tonight, I will be interviewed for the Montana Evening Addition, which airs tonight at 530 (Montana time) If you can't listen tonight it is available to listen on demand or download, after midnight on the day of the broadcast, I will post the link when it is available. 

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  1. Hi Yaicha,

    It was great to have you Skype into class today. I hadn't known about the leaked Danish text until you blogged about it. You explained it really well in class, which was impressive given it was midnight your time after a really long day. Thanks for all you are doing. We are following closely here from Missoula and I will work to get the word out about your blog.

    Take care, and keep up your excellent work. ~Nicky