Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yesterday.. Japan pledges 15 Billion in Aid

Yay Japan... Maybe the aliens from Planet B and the Japanese youth had an impact

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Written by Marianne Born

Japan pledges a total of 15 billion USD for climate aid for developing countries up to 2012, Japan's delegation announced at the UN climate conference late Wednesday. Of that 15 billion dollars, 11 billion will be public money, according to a press release from the delegation.

The Japanese pledge is more generous than the EU's promise to fund 7.2 billion euro (9.39 billion dollars) for the same purposes over the next three years.

The Japanese funding is given on the condition that a successful political accord is achieved at the climate conference in Copenhagen.

"Upon the establishment of a new framework, Japan will with this assistance support a broad range of developing countries which are taking measures of mitigation, as well as those which are vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change," the press release states.


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  2. Whew-woo Yaicha! I saw you in that suit! You sure sounded funny but I'm not mad. Well done!

  3. great news- the aliens definitely influenced them